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    205 = Width
    40 = Ratio
    17 = Diameter

About Capitol

Capitol Tires

Capitol Tires was designed for the American automotive market by Korea's Nexen Tire Corp and Japan's OHTSU Tire & Rubber. The goal was to create an exclusive brand of tires that combines high-quality with affordable prices. Capitol Tires uses state-of-the-art technology including rubber-stratified silicate and nano-composite development. These are featured on the new Sport, Sport UHP and Precision Trac II patterns. Customers looking for affordable and high-quality imported tires should look no further than Capitol Tires. Capitol tires are popular with a wide number of motorists. The Sport/Sport UHP and Precision Trac 2 series all boast an all-season grip for a smooth and comfortable ride. The Sport UHP line also boasts ultra higher performance.