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    205 = Width
    40 = Ratio
    17 = Diameter

About Dick Cepek Tires

Dick Cepek Tires

The Dick Cepek brand was founded in 1963 by an off-road enthusiast who wanted to provide his family, friends, and other off-road enthusiasts with high-quality tires that were designed for the great outdoors. Throughout the years, the Dick Cepek brand has grown to provide its loyal customers with more than just tires. Today, they have a well-established reputation for manufacturing on and off-road products for trucks, S.U.V.s and 4x4 vehicles. Dick Cepek's vision of supplying his customers with outstanding products that enhance their vehicle and increase off-road capability still remains the company's primary goal today. Dick Cepek has developed a large and loyal following of off-road/4x4 enthusiasts who often use them for all terrain trekking. The Fun Country (FC), Mud Country and Crusher lines are all highly popular tires.