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About Enkei

Enkei Wheels was founded in Japan in 1965. Enkei has several manufacturing factories in the US, China, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and each wheel from the company's "Racing Series" was made in Japan.

Enkei's National Brand, which includes the Performance, Classic, Luxury Sport and Truck Series, are split between Japan and China factories. Enkei is known for closely monitoring all their factories to assure a high quality product. In fact, the company has yearly and surprise reviews/audits of their facilities which include safety, quality, and efficiency reviews. Custom aftermarket wheels are as much a part of who its employees are as the clothes they wear, the vehicles they drive, and of course the performance that they expect.

Enkei rims deliver the latest in wheel designs, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged processes, rigid testing that must pass stringent JGTC Standards and unsurpassed manufacturing facilities. The company is dedicated to perfection and delivers the best in aftermarket wheels.

Enkei's involvement isn't just limited to the motorsport scene, but it is also active in the street car scene. The company developed a new manufacturing process to produce the next aluminum wheel generation. The Most Advanced Technology (M.A.T) combines one-piece cast wheel technology with a rim forming technology called spinning process.

Using this new technology of casting and rim forming by M.A.T process is critical to improving drastically the material property and strength of the wheels. Rim-Rolled technology shapes the rim to improve material elongation without sacrificing the wheels' hardness.

All Enkei wheels are engineered to pass rigorous testing. In fact, the company established its own test standard called "Spec-E," which is tougher than JWL requirements. Enkei's Spec-E test setting requires a higher drop point in the impact test and 20% more cycles for the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue tests than JWL standards. The Spec-E represents the company's confidence in its technology and quality of its wheels.