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    17 = Diameter

About Firestone

Firestone Tires

In 1988, Bridgestone Corporation purchased Firestone, which resulted in the creation of the world's largest tire and rubber company. The companies' U.S. operations merged to become Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. and moved its headquarters from Akron, OH to Nashville, TN. Today, the company is known as Bridgestone Americas (BSAM) and consists of 52 production facilities and more than 50,000 employees. BSAM addresses the needs of consumers, automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers, and those in the agricultural, forestry and mining industries. In addition to operating the world's largest chain of automotive tire and service centers, the BSAM family of companies also produces air springs, roofing materials and industrial fibers and textiles. Firestone has become a household brand, and some of the more popular Firestone tires include the Winterforce and Firehawk lines.