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KMC Wheel Company was founded in 1982 as a steel wheel manufacturer. From this point, it rapidly grew at an impressive rate with its genius 4-pronged strategy: a market base increase, an increasingly wider product line, brand awareness expansion (thanks to well-thought out product placement) and using business alliances to establish wordlwide opportunities. The result: The KMC we know today boasts an impressive and highly sought-after line of wheels and rims. KMC Wheels have been featured in numerous media platforms including TV, movies, magazines and more. If you're looking to improve the performance of your car, truck/Jeep or SUV, KMC is an ideal choice. Even in an aftermarket full of quality wheels/rims, KMC has become known as one of the top brands. In addition to its performance, the KMC line is also known for its stylish appearance.

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Engineered with only the highest quality aluminum alloys, KMC wheels are constructed with pinpoint attention to detail. These wheels boast bold designs that can serve to complement your vehicle's unique style and personality. Aftermarket wheels are one of the best initial upgrades you can get for your vehicle. Although most cars come with stock 14 or 15-inch diameter wheels that provide adequate performance for day-to-day driving, plus-sizing your wheels can help significantly improve cornering performance and driving traction. Larger rims can provide more traction to your car by giving it a wider tire surface to grip the road. The tires used for large-diameter rims also have smaller sidewalls, providing less tire flexibility when turning, which translates to more solid cornering performance. KMC wheels are also available in a variety of offsets.

Wheel offset refers to the distance between the centerline of a wheel/rim and the hub mounting surface. While stock rims are designed with the right offset for your car or truck, switching to rims with a different wheel offset can also help to improve your vehicle's looks and performance, especially when used with lifted trucks or vehicles with a higher profile. Because KMC rims are manufactured from such high quality aluminum alloys, they are significantly lighter than conventional steel rims. The result is a great reduction in a vehicle's "unsprung" weight, or the weight that the vehicle's suspension system doesn't address. The lighter weight further helps to improve driving performance and lower fuel consumption. Another advantage of aluminum alloy wheels is that they are rust-proof. Regular maintenance will keep them around for a very long time. Available in a wide variety of styles, KMC wheels are available in sizes ranging from 5-spoke one-piece rims in rockstar car matte black, to multi-piece rims with a high-gloss, flashy chrome finish. With our full selection of rims here at Tires & Wheels Direct, you're sure to find the right wheels for your car, truck or SUV. To find the right wheels for your car or truck, use the search box on the top left. You can also send us a message, or call us at 1-877-404-0545.