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About Ruff Racing

The Ruff Racing brand descends from the world-class Status Alloy Wheels Company and inherits all of its high-level technologies and exclusive style.

Take Status wheels' luxury style and supplement it with the excellent sporty features that provide your racing ride with full control over the road and make you the unquestionable winner on the road - you will get the Ruff Racing wheels, as that is what makes them stand out.

Perfect sporty appearance, the highest level of quality, advanced road handling performance, and great durability—this list of advantages can be tremendously extended with other features embodied by Ruff Racing wheels. You can choose your particular wheel model from the great variety of styles and finishes that underline your exquisite taste.

Whether you drive a Corvette, a luxury sedan, or an SUV, Ruff Racing products are sure to give your vehicle a sharper, more distinct look and added performance. To ensure premium quality design, style, performance, and craftsmanship, Ruff Racing rims are created through long and vigorous research and development. The company continuously tests and monitors its products to make sure that all its wheels meet and exceed the world's most strenuous standards and requirements.

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