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    205 = Width
    40 = Ratio
    17 = Diameter

About Uniroyal

Uniroyal Tires

Uniroyal Tires, formerly known as the U.S. Rubber Company, has been part of the American market for more than two centuries. One of Uniroyal's most popular products is the Tiger Paw, which was introduced in the 1960s. Today, the company continues to manufacture high-quality, durable tires for cars and trucks at incredibly affordable prices. Two of Uniroyal Tires' latest innovations include the Laredo Cross Country, a durable SUV and pick-up tire built for everyday adventures and the Tiger Paw Touring, a complete line of tires for sedans and mini-vans that are designed for long-lasting performance at an affordable price. Some of the more popular among Uniroyal tires include the Tiger Paw and Laredo lines.