About XO

XO Wheels and Rims

XO Wheels provide superior performance and handling with a quality that can be experienced on the track or the road. XO Wheels' team of designers and engineers have reinvented the custom luxury wheel, and with previously unavailable options. True to their world-class nature, the production of XO Wheels have been taken from the world's most fascinating and exotic Capitals, cities and other places (including Tokyo, Miami, New York and Paris to name a few). XO's varieties include Multiple Concave wheel designs, Dynamic Lip System, (DLS) choice of lip finish, a variety of center cap covers, Brushed aluminum face and Staggered fitment. The result: an icon for independence as this gives you the choice in producing your own unique wheel. This independence is what defines XO. Designed in the US, XO Luxury Wheels is a division of the Florida-based and family-owned Good Roads Auto Systems.

XO Wheels and DLS

Dynamic Lip System (DLS) (DLS) is a proprietary and innovative technology developed by engineers & designers at XO Wheels. DLS allows for custom lip colors and finishes to be added to XO's line of wheels. Your choices include the option of custom painted lips or standard colored wheels including bronze, red, black, chrome and white.