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    40 = Ratio
    17 = Diameter

About Achilles

Achilles Tires

By forming a union between major tire manufacturers in Asia, AMERICAN PACIFIC INDUSTRIES, has focused each individual manufacturers strengths in advanced design and development, ISO manufacturing, distribution, sales and product support, enabling each factory to expand quality tire offerings to an unprecedented number of markets and applications all over the world. AMERICAN PACIFIC INDUSTRIES offers only the finest products under many different brand names, some of which are [Achilles], [Gladiator], [Pegasus], [Armour], [Hartland], [Advance] and [Farmking]. API's product lines cover the full range of tires including high performance and ultra high performance passenger, radial and bias light truck, radial and bias medium truck, industrial/Skidsteer, OTR and agricultural tires. AMERICAN PACIFIC INDUSTRIES specializes in private branding and Original Equipment development. All of our tire lines are constantly updated and expanded to address an ever changing marketplace. In addition to its tire marketing division, the API Group also consists of a tire engineeringdivision responsible for product development, process control and quality in all of API's factories. API also has its own ocean shipping company responsible for the flow of goods from the factories to the customer.

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