About TIS

Trick Out Your Ride with the Latest TIS Wheels

TIS Wheels are world-famous exclusive rims for your sedan, sports car SUV or Light Truck. The company manufactures wheels that have effectively held the top position on the wheels and rims market for almost a decade. TIS rims are high-end classics that combine solid performance with sophisticated designs. Read more
Luxury car owners will understand the value that finely crafted and well-designed wheels can bring to a vehicle, and they won't hesitate to get this perfect addition to their classy and sporty exteriors. These rims are manufactured following the most stringent industry standards to deliver the highest level of quality and durability possible.

Perhaps the most distinct feature of TIS wheels is their size; the brand's tagline "Twenty Inches Strong," is a perfect description of these large-diameter rims. For street driving, large diameter rims can provide better grip and stability on the road with their wider tires and shorter sidewalls that are much stiffer compared to conventional tires.

TIS rims are also crafted from metal alloys which are much lighter compared to conventional steel rims, and have highly refined designs that can help you create a unique look for your car.

For 2012, TIS introduced three new wheel models to perfectly complement your car or truck's image, and give it a distinctive style.

The TIS32 sports a classic 10-spoke design with unique detailing that that gives it a unique style. These chrome-plated luxury rims are available in 18-, 20-, 22-, and 24-inch versions, and feature an ultra-deep lip construction that combines a bold profile with a refined design.

The TIS33 on the other hand is perfect for sports coupes and muscle cars with its aggressive and sporty design. These chrome-plated wheels are available 5 and 6 spoke versions in 20-, 22-, 24-, and 26-inch applications, with a wide variety of offsets and widths that deliver high performance and style.

For off-road vehicle enthusiasts, the Satin Black TISM34 features a big, bold styling, and the iconic Monster "M Claw" on the center cap in chrome. These 10 spoke off-road TIS wheels are part of the world's first Monster Energy Edition wheel collection, and are available in 18- and 20-inch sizes that are ideal for trucks and SUVs.

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